Floatium is building the future of IoT

We help connect millions of smart devices worldwide. By providing coverage with our free hotspot you will earn passive income.

We are Floatium

We're building a worldwide Internet of Things network, but we can't do it on our own. Instead of large and expensive cell towers, we place hotspots with people like you.

Companies pay to use this network, just like you do for your mobile data. We share this income with you!

Shared transit

Shared transit, for example scooters or bicycles share their location trough the IoT network.

Smart collars

Did your cat or dog run away? With these smart collars you can bring them back home

GPS track & trace

Tracking your parcels worldwide is possible with the GPS trackers that operate on this IoT network.


With sensors you can keep an eye the temperature of your swimming pool, or check the humidity in the basement where the WiFi-signal isn't strong enough.

Do you want passive income? Do you have a nice spot for the antenna and a stable internet connection? Sign up now and become part of the Floatium network.

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Safety first

Both yours and ours: safety is important. Naturally, the hotspots are CE approved and meet the strictest requirements. In addition, all data traffic is hardware encrypted with AES: one of the best encryptions at the moment.

The messages that are sent are small, which means that the internet consumption is low. The consumption is about 10 watts, which is comparable to your internet modem or an LED lamp. Except for the monthly payouts, you won't notice that the hotspot is there.

Hoeveel straling de hotspots geven en of of dat gevaarlijk is? You can read that here